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How To Get an 800 Credit Score Using Navy Federal

•Apply for a Personal Expense Loan $250 - $50,000

(I started with $250)

•Whatever the dollar amount is, pay the installment loan for the first three months.

•After the third payment pay the installment loan IN FULL.

•Once you pay the loan off the account is now closed. You now have a positive closed account.

•Your payment history makes up 35% of your credit score.

Wash rinse and repeat

Reapply for $500

•Make three payments and then pay the installment loan off in full.

•You now have two installment loans reporting as positive closed accounts.

Wash rinse and repeat

•Within a 12 month timeframe you will have 3 to 4 positive closed accounts reporting to your credit report.

This is how you trick the algorithm with current late payments reporting to your current profile.

Rule of thumb keep your overall utilization under 4%

The reason why your score is not increasing is because your utilization is too high.

Do the work stop being lazy!!!!

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